Missed Connection @ the South Tampa Pita Pit…

December 22nd, 2010

Looks like it was love at first (web)site! Read this missed connection that we found on craigslist. Hopefully we can make this happen.

GOOD TIMES AT PITA PIT – m4w – 24 (soho tampa)
Ok, this is funny.. Your my friends sisters friend.. We all made fun of these post while we were eating at Pita Pit. I was making fun of you too.. Calling you too young and that you were Jamaican but didn’t look like it at all.. I was singing ” I am Jamaican, and I have a bobsled team, Cool Running’s! hahaha, kiss me lucky egg..” I don’t think you liked that too much.. But I do think you are really cute and wanted you to call me last night but you didn’t.. So mad.. lol I don’t remember if I gave your friend my number awhile back or not.. But as lame as this sounds, If you get this… message me back and we hook up something’s.. LOL

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